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Here are the bookographics I’ve created to highlight great books and authors:

Alva Sachs: 10 Tips on How to Write a Children’s Book

The Art of Being Unmistakable

Blake Bailey Bookographic: 5 Writing Tips

Bob Harper: The Skinny Rules

Bob Moawad on the Day Your Life Begins

Brian Bartes: Life Lessons and Rules Bookographic

Build the Rainbow of Your Success Bookographic

Cameron Conaway On Getting Fit

Carmen Cisneros: Countdown to a New You

Cassandra Carr’s Five Rules for Writing Romance

Charles Sykes: 14 Rules of Life They Won’t Teach You in School

Children’s Ebooks Infographic: Why You Should Write Children’s Ebooks

Cicero On Old Age

Connie Bowen: I Create My World: The Power of Thought to Shape Our Lives

D. E. Boone: A Modern Girl’s Dating Tale

D. L. Hart’s Gratitude Rules Bookographic

Dan Quillen’s Top Ten Job Search Rules

Daniel Saynuk: Guide Dog Rules

The DASH Diet Weight Loss Solution Rules

Edward Atkins’s 8 Rules of Writing

Elmore Leonard: 17 Rules for Writers Infographic

A Few Observations from the New Thriller, The List by Martha Carr

Good Words to Live By

Ian Rankin: 10 Rules for Writing

Is Today Your First Day Or Your Last Day?

J P Reynolds: 10 Things I Learned About Weddings

Jacob Tomsky: 10 Hotel Desk Lies

Jan Hagelein on Throwing Grapes and Moving Mountains

Jennifer Miller: 6 Innovative Tips for Marketing Your Novel

Jew in Jail Rules for Survival

Joel Orr on Writing a Good Non-Fiction Book Quickly

John Robert Marlow: 10 Things Hollywood Wants in Books

Joseph Goldstein: Make Peace

Kimberley Payne: 5 Fitness Rules for Women of Strength

Life Is a Gift: The Zen of Tony Bennett

LinDee Rochelle’s 7 Tenets of Legacy Writing

Lynne Roberts Asks: Are You Safe?

Madeleines’s Marvellous Movement Feldenkrais Rules

Making Friends: The Essence of Marketing

Maria Gabriela Brito on Her Interior Design Inspirations

Mark Bittman: 5 Commandments for Better Eating

Mark Frauenfelder: How to Build a Compelling Blog

Maya Angelou: What I’ve Learned

Mel and Patricia Ziegler: Our Best Business Advice

Mike Dulberger: The True State of the Union

Monica Strobel: How to Give Meaningful Compliments

Nick Vujicic: On Being Unstoppable

Raymond Francis: Never Be Fat Again

Richie Norton: The Power of Starting Something Stupid

Richie Norton: 10 Quotes to Live By

7 Steps to Becoming a Click Millionaire

Susan Stiffelman: 14 Tips for Managing Your Anxiety After the Newtown School Shootings

Take Wing and Fly! Quotegraphic

32 Great Reasons to Read Books

Valerie Bertinelli’s 10 Healthy Food Rules

Wayne Allyn Root: Facts Don’t Lie

What Do You Want From Life?

Yvonne Wright’s Helpful Tips About Herbs and Spices

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