Books and Words Infographics Index

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Books and Words Infographics

Welcome to the Infographic a Day Books & Words Infographics Index. You can scan the infographics via the page below, or you can view the infographics in each category by clicking on the topics at the top of this page. – John Kremer, Curator

Books and Words Infographics

Alva Sachs: 10 Tips on How to Write a Children’s Book’s Election Heat Map

The Art of Being Unmistakable

Are Real Books Going to Become an Endangered Species?

Blake Bailey Bookographic: 5 Writing Tips

Bob Harper: The Skinny Rules

Book Promotion Infographic: 10 Book Marketing Tips

Brian Bartes: Life Lessons and Rules Bookographic

Build the Rainbow of Your Success Bookographic

Cameron Conaway On Getting Fit

Cassandra Carr’s Five Rules for Writing Romance

Charles Sykes: 14 Rules of Life They Won’t Teach You in School

Children’s Ebooks Infographic: Why You Should Write Children’s Ebooks

Cicero On Old Age

The Content Marketing Explosion

The Copywriting Infographic

D. E. Boone: A Modern Girl’s Dating Tale

D. L. Hart’s Gratitude Rules Bookographic

Daffynitions: The People’s Definitions

Dan Quillen’s Top Ten Job Search Rules

Do You Want to Live in These Worlds?

Edward Atkins’s 8 Rules of Writing

Elmore Leonard: 17 Rules for Writers Infographic

Emma Coats: 22 Rules of Storytelling

A Few Observations from the New Thriller, The List by Martha Carr

5 Lessons in Life from Dr. Seuss

Free Audio Book Downloads

How Ebooks Are Shaping Book Publishing

How to Understand Womanspeak: 6 Misleading Words Used by Woman

I Create My World: The Power of Thought to Shape Our Lives

Infographic: Funny eCards to Brighten Your Day

Jennifer Miller: 6 Innovative Tips for Marketing Your Novel

Joel Orr on Writing a Good Non-Fiction Book Quickly

John Kremer: The 7 Rules of Life

John Robert Marlow: 10 Things Hollywood Wants in Books

Joseph Goldstein: Make Peace

The Key to Making Info-Products That People Want

LinDee Rochelle’s 7 Tenets of Legacy Writing

Making Friends: The Essence of Marketing

Mark Bittman: 5 Commandments for Better Eating

Mark Twain’s Top 9 Tips for Living a Kick-Ass Life

Marla Heller: The DASH Diet Weight Loss Solution Rules

Maya Angelou: What I’ve Learned

Mobile Users Have Not Abandoned Print (Magazines or Newspapers)

100 Ways to Say Good to Support Others

100 Ways to Say Great to Support Others 5 Book Clubs You’ve Never, Ever Heard Of

Pixar’s 22 Rules of Storytelling

Places to Look for Inspiration . . .

The Quotable Dr. Seuss: 30 Quotes That Can Change Your Life

The Quotable Paulo Coelho: 50 Quotes to Inspire Your Day

Richie Norton: 10 Quotes to Live By

7 Literary Cities That Inspired Great Writers

7 Storytelling Secrets by Tim Hartman

Shit Infographic: Let Me Count the Ways

6 No-No’s in Designing Your Brand Image

The Skinny Rules Via Bob Harper

Small Demons: A Website for Exploring Books

Statistics on Reading Books: An Infographic

Take Wing and Fly! Quotegraphic

Ted Talks Quotes: Writing, Language, and Art

32 Great Reasons to Read Books

3 Reasons You Need a Book If You’re in Business

The Top 5 All-Time Kindle Bestsellers

Top 10 Things You Can Do to Sell More Books

21 Predictions for eBook Publishing in 2013

21 Types of Content Users Crave

Wayne Allyn Root: Facts Don’t Lie

What Do You Want From Life?

Who Reads Ebooks?

Words to Think About



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