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Ted Talks Quotes: Writing, Language, and Art

Ted Talks: Writing, Language, and Art

Each of you possesses the most powerful, dangerous and subversive trait that natural selection has ever devised. It’s a piece of neural audio technology for rewiring other people’s minds. I’m talking about your language. — Mark Pagel

A novel, basically, is writing one sentence — then, without violating the scope of the first one, writing the next sentence. — Young-ha Kim

Maybe stories are just data with a soul. — Brené Brown

Art is a deception that creates real emotions — a lie that creates a truth. And when you give yourself over to that deception, it becomes magic. — Marco Tempest

People live for love. They kill for love. They die for love. They have songs, poems, novels, sculptures, paintings, myths, legends. It’s one of the most powerful brain systems on Earth for both great joy and great sorrow. — Helen Fisher

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