Infographic: The ROI of Social Media Marketing

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Social Media Marketing ROI

Is social media marketing effective? That’s the question being asked as more and more businesses are investing in social media marketing.

With no standard means of measurement, there’s a variety of goals and metrics used to define the ROI of social strategies. Fortunately, this enlightening infographic, developed by MDG Advertising, helps clear up the confusion by outlining the objectives, benefits and factors that lead to the success of social media marketing.

Here are a few of the stats revealed in this new infographic:

76% of businesses are using social networking for business objectives.

45% of social media marketers use social media to form new partnerships.

64% of companies have hired someone via social media.

Social media marketing is measured by the following metrics:

68% site traffic

66% conversion

63% number of fans or members

63% number of positive customer mentions

50% number of contributors

50% revenue

43% number of page views

42% number of posts

41% number of mentions

23% average value of orders


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