Pardot’s 4 Favorite Content Marketing Blogs

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Content Marketing Blogs

Here are Pardot’s four favorite content marketing blogs: The Content Strategist, Copyblogger, Content Marketing Institute, and Problogger. I agree. These are great blogs about content creation and marketing.

Content Marketing Institute

The Content Strategist




Charity Showcase

American Lung Association helps millions of people by supporting important research, education, and advocacy to fight lung cancer and chronic lung diseases. To contribute to their Christmas Seals Campaign, go to or call 800-LUNG-USA.

Here are 10 ways you can help prevent lung cancer:

1. Don’t smoke.

2. Avoid lung health hazards like air pollution.

3. Recognize the warning signs of lung disease.

4. Know the symptoms of asthma.

5. Ask your health care provider about the flu shot.

6. Prevent air pollution.

7. Get involved to work for healthy air.

8. Test your home for radon.

9. Teach your children to grow up smoke-free.

10. Protect your family by encouraging exercise.

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