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Infographic: 5 Key Social Media Followers

Alas, the infographic has been moved, but here’s the key information:

Early adopters, social sharers, born followers, popular powerhouses, and basement-dwelling haters all have a role to play in building your business. Identifying and engaging individuals within these groups will allow your business to better tap into the social commerce market.

The Early Adopter – They soak up new information, trends, and products and are always the first to adopt something new (or not adopt).

The Social Sharer – These people link to, pin, tweet, hashtag, and share anything that interests them, often among multiple social networks.

The Born Follower – They follow and like simply because other people in their network have followed or liked you.

The Popular Powerhouse – When they share something, they immediately attract multiple comments, retweets, and shares (often into the hundreds of reshares).

The Basement-Dwelling Hater – Their initial impressions of almost anything are downbeat. But if you respond positively to their comments or complaints, they could fall in love with you.

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