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Here are links to the travographics we’ve created or discovered to highlight great travel destinations and attractions:

Jacob Tomsky: 10 Hotel Desk Lies

July 4th Infographic: Most Patriotic Cities of the United States

New Year’s Eve Celebrations in the U.S.

Pictorial: The 10 Happiest Cities in the World

7 Literary Cities That Inspired Great Writers

Travel Infographic: The 10 Happiest Cities in the World

Get a Great Travographic for Your Destination

We can create great-looking travographics for your city, state, event, museum, tourist attraction, hotel, spa, meeting space, or other travel destination. And when we do, we’ll post that travographic here on this website (with up to 1,500 visitors per day) as well as post a notice going directly to 36,000 social followers on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Of course, you also have full rights to post it to your website and social networks as well.

If you want us to create a travographic for your travel or tourist destination, email us 10 reasons to visit your destination or ten features of your attraction. Plus 5 to 10 photos of your destination. Email:

This service is very inexpensive: just $200. And it will be completed and posted within 3 days.

Other Travel Infographics

Beach Rules: How to Have Fun at the Beach

Funny Signs and Blazes for the Modern Hiker

Photo Montage: The 5 Best Snowy Photos from Mashable Readers

Signs of the Times: Do You Know How to Spell?

A Step-by-Step Guide to Packing

Sunrises and Sunsets on Pinterest

TSA Packing Tips & Guidelines Infographic

You Might Be From Minnesota If …

Charity Showcase

CharityWatch is one of a number of charity watchdog organizations to ensure your donations do what you want them to do: Go to real people, not all fundraising expenses. See:

Here are two other charity watchdog organizations:

Charity Navigator:

Guide Star publishes More Money for More Good guidebook. Download at


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