TSA Packing Tips & Guidelines Infographic

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TSA Packing Tips

Do you want to make sure your carry-on luggage gets through the TSA security check at the airport? Check out this travel infographic on how to pass the TSA checks.

Organize your bag so TSA officers can easily see what’s in your bag.

Do not wrap gifts.

Wrap electronic cords so they are not loose.

Pack coats and jackets in checked luggage. Otherwise they have to be x-rayed separately.

Limit liquids, gels, and aerosols and place in a plastic bag.

Medications, baby formula, and breast milk are exceptions, but declare the items at the checkpoint.

Prohibited items: flammable items, knives, hockey sticks, gel-type candles, razor blades, firearms, ammunition, multi-use pocket tools.

Your Confiscation Options

If the TSA confiscates any item, you have five options:

Let them keep it and count it as a loss.

Take the item to the ticket counter and check in to your checked baggage.

Go to an airport mail facility and ship your item home.

Give the item to your friend (if they are seeing you off and are still at the airport).

If you have a car parked at the airport, take the item to your car and stow it for your return.

Charity Showcase

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