Infographic: How to Diminish Your Bounce Rates

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How to Minimize Bounce Rates

You might know the bounce rate for your website (if you use Google Analytics on your website). But, do you know anything about how it’s calculated, what the average bounce rate is for your industry, or what factors affect your bounce rate? This infographic was designed to provide some tips to help you decrease your bounce rate.

Bounce Rate: The percentage of single-page visits where visitors don’t go on to a second page on your website. High bounce rates indicate that your landing pages are not relevant to visitors. That’s why Google takes bounce rates into account in determining site rank.

Visits to a subdomain on your website counts as a bounce.

The average website has 4.6 page views per visit with a bounce rate of 40.5%. The average time on websites is a little over 3 minutes (190.4 seconds). 62.9% of visitors are new.

9 Factors That Affect Bounce Rates

Pop-up ads, surveys, streaming video, or music

Search engine ranking of page (pages ranked high for irrelevant keywords register more bounces)

Audience type

Landing page design

Emails and newsletters

Load times of pages (with longer load times resulting in more bounces)

Links to external sites (more links result in more bounces)

Purpose of your page

9 Ways to Improve Your Bounce Rate

Maintain top rankings for your key terms.

Provide relevant content for any landing pages.

Build a clear navigation path so users can find the content they want.

Link to a glossary page that defines industry terms.

Feature an internal search function in a prominent position.

Get rid of pop-up ads.

Limit streaming video and music.

Speed up page loads using the Google Page Speed plugin.

Reduce external links (or have them open in a new window).

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