HubSpot: 13 Reasons Why Blog Posts Are the New Ad Unit

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Hubspot: Blog Posts Are the New Ad Unit

Here is a blogging infographic adapted from a HubSpot blog post on 13 Reasons Why the Blog Post Is the New Ad Unit.

  1. Blog posts are long lasting search-optimized content.
  2. Social sharing buttons extend the reach of blog posts.
  3. Blog posts have permanent Internet addresses (URLs).
  4. You can feature all sorts of media (infographics, videos, audios, slide shows, etc.) in blog posts.
  5. Blog posts can include a call to action.
  6. Targeted blog posts attract qualified leads.
  7. Blog posts can be syndicated, thus traveling far and wide.
  8. Email subscriptions to your blog content can grow your opt-in email lists.
  9. Blog posts encourage engagement and conversations via comments.
  10. Blog posts accumulate inbound links that drive organic SEO.
  11. Blog posts increase website traffic.
  12. Guest blog posts can expose your website to new audiences.
  13. Blog posts contribute to your brand’s backlist of content.

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This infographic adapted from:

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