Social Media Infographics Index

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Social Media Infographics Index

Welcome to the Infographic a Day Social Media Infographics Index. You can scan the infographic links via the page below, or you can view the infographics in each category by clicking on the topics at the top of this page. – John Kremer, Curator

Social Media Infographics

Age Distribution on Social Networks and Online Communities

The Best and Worst Times to Post on Major Social Networks – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest

Cheat Sheet: Social Media Cover Photos

Dance on Demand: A Look at the Social Music Revolution

Dr. Seuss: 10 Unexpected Social Media Tips

11 Examples of Epic Content Marketing

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn Drive Revenue

5 Key Social Media Followers

The Game of Thrones and Social Media Blockades

GIF Infographic: Every Second on the Web

Google Reader Is Dead, Long Live the Alternatives

The Growing Impact of Social Media and TV

Hashtags: A Tool for Discovery (A Hashtag Infographic)

How Important Is Social Media to Business?

How Much Time Does Business Spend on Social Media?

HubSpot: 15 Brand-Spanking New Social Media Marketing Stats

If You Have Time to Socialize, You Can Make Time to Work Out!

Listen in on the Social Web

A Look Back: Social Video Sharing in 2011

120 Promotional Tips for Your Blog (new or old)

Online Services: Most Used, Most Trusted, and Most Sharable

Pardot’s 5 Favorite Social Media Blogs

The Path to Social Media Success in 2013

Richard Branson: On Using Social Media

Rock Social Media in 30 Minutes a Day

The ROI of Social Media Marketing

6 Keys to Standing Out in Social Media

16 Reasons Why Brands, Businesses, and You Need to Be Active in Social Media

Social Demographics: Who’s Using Today’s Biggest Social Networks?

Social Media Cheat Sheet for the Top Nine Social Networks for Business – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+, Instagram, Tumblr, FourSquare

Social Media Checklist: Daily Reminder

Social Media Explained (with Coffee)

Social Media Infographic: How to Create Perfect Social Media Posts

Social Media Leaders 2012

Social Media Leads to Social Giving

The Social Media Monster

Social Network Use in the United States

Social Sharing for Partisan Websites

10 Essential Social Media Tips for a Senior Executive

The Ten Types of Social Media Addicts – Are You One of Them?

The 3 S’s of Social Media Maintenance

Tools and Resources: Create Images for Social Media

12 Social Media Blogs You Must Read

21 Rules for Getting Results with Your Social Media Marketing

27 Social Media Facts and Statistics for 2012

Using Graphic Images in Your Email

Facebook Infographics

Andrea Vahl on Facebook Pages vs. Facebook Groups

Book Marketing Tips on Facebook

Facebook Cover Photos: Inspiration for Your Facebook Pages

Facebook EdgeRank Marketing

Facebook Hits 1 Billion Members

Facebook Psychology: Is Addiction Affecting Our Minds?

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn Drive Revenue

Facts and Figures on Facebook Marketing

How Facebook Questions Impact Comments, Shares and Likes

A Look Back: Facebook vs. Google

9 Ways to Spark More Engagement With Your Facebook Posts

Online Services: Most Used, Most Trusted, and Most Sharable

17 Facebook Tips: Everything You Wanted to Know about Facebook Marketing

Sherlock Holmes: Elementary John Kremer on Facebook

6 Ways to Get More Facebook Likes

16 Reasons Why Brands, Businesses, and You Should Be Active on Facebook

Text-Only Posts Now Outperform Photo Posts for Facebook Pages

12 Marketing Stats about Facebook for Business

Wall Street Journal: Facebook Privacy Options Guide

Why People Like Brands on Facebook

Google Plus Infographics

Google Reader Is Dead, Long Live the Alternatives

20 Reasons to Switch to Google Plus

27 Social Media Facts and Statistics for 2012

Instagram Infographics

The Business Marketer’s Guide to Instagram

21 Examples of Businesses Using Instagram Effectively

LinkedIn Infographics

Blueprint for the Perfect LinkedIn Status Update

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn Drive Revenue

Facts and Figures about LinkedIn Marketing

Five Simple Tips to Use LinkedIn to Grow Your Business

How LinkedIn Works

How to Create an Effective LinkedIn Company Page

LinkedIn Hits 200 Million Users (and now has 250 million users)

LinkedIn Infographic: 5-Minute Daily LinkedIn Marketing Plan

37 Ways to Thrive on LinkedIn Cheat Sheet

Using LinkedIn to Its Fullest Potential

Pinterest Infographics

Don Crowther: How to Build Your Business with Pinterest

How Etailers and Content Marketers Can Use Pinterest to Their Advantage

How to Build the Perfect Marketing Pin for Pinterest

How to Promote Your Products on Pinterest

How to Use Pinterest for Business

How Users Interact on Pinterest

Pin Your Business on Pinterest Infographic

Pinterest Demographics, January 2012

The Purchasing Power of Pinterest

Social Media Infographic: Why Use Pinterest?

Taller Images Get More Repins on Pinterest

10 Commandments of Using Pinterest for Business

10 Strategic Ways to Optimize Your Pinterest Page

12 Tools for Pinterest Marketing

Why You Should Be Interested in Pinterest

Slideshare Infographics

Slideshare: Inspirational Quotations I

Slideshare or Infographic: Which Do You Prefer?

Slideshare: The Quiet Giant of Content Marketing

Twitter Infographics

The Complete Tale of John Kremer on Twitter

11 Reasons Why Brands, Businesses, and You Should Be Active on Twitter

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn Drive Revenue

Facts and Figures on Twitter Marketing

HubSpot: Why You Might Want to Try More Twitter Automation

The Life of the #eBooks Twitter Hashtag

A Look Back: Twitter Facts & Figures in 2011

Mashable: Tweets about Pope Benedict’s Retirement

Slideshare Infographic: How to Use Twitter

10 Twitter Marketing Tips

TrackMaven: How to Get More Retweets

20 Twitter Hashtags to Turn You Into a Rock Star

21-Step Cheat Sheet to Profit from Twitter

Twitter Checklist for More Tweets

Twitter Hashtags: What You Need to Know

Twitter Infographic: Twitter for Small Businesses

Twitter Statistics: 2012

The Who, Why, and How of Twitter

YouTube Infographics

Antoine Dodson: Bed Intruder Viral Video

Happy Birthday YouTube: From Zero to 4 Billion Videos a Day

A Look Back at YouTube: The Most Viral Brands of 2010

A Look Back: Social Video Sharing in 2011

Online Services: Most Used, Most Trusted, and Most Sharable

Samsung Galaxy vs Apple iPhone

Viral Videographic: Charlie Bit My Finger

Viral Videographic: Chocolate Rain by Tay Zonday

Viral Videographic: David After the Dentist

Viral Videographic: Rebecca Black’s Friday Music Video

YouTube Rules the Internet

YouTube Sensations: What Are They Doing Now?


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