Don Crowther: How to Build Your Business with Pinterest

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Build Your Businss on Pinterest

Here are a few of the tips that Don Crowther shared on how to build your business with Pinterest.

How to Build Search Engine Positioning with Pinterest

Write your own image descriptions when repinning images on Pinterest.

Include keywords in your descriptions as well as #hashtags.

Include a full URL (sample: in your descriptions.

Direct link to the specific page on Pinterest and to your Pinterest profile on your website or blog.

How to Create Viral Pins

Post a quality, viral-worthy blog entry. Note: Lists go viral, e.g., 21 tips on buying gifts for your loved ones.

Include a title graphic, video, or infographic.

Create a PinIt button and description copy.

Pin it yourself, and ask friends to pin it.

Post to your social media profiles, and email it to your optin email list.

Create frequent and appropriate reminders.

How to Use Tips to Build Your Business

Write 50 short tips focused on your subject.

Find a vertical image to go with each tip.

Add a tip, a tip number, and URL to each image. Integrate them into the image.

Write a blog post for each tip and embed the tip image.

Pin the image from your blog post to Pinterest.

Here are two other tips Don shares in his video on how to increase clickthroughs via your Pinterest pins:

1. Include your direct URL in the description of your pin.

2. Add a dollar figure to your pin. Pins that feature a $ figure get 36% more clickthroughs on average compared to normal pins.

Do you want to know more on how to use Pinterest to drive traffic to any page on the Internet? To drive traffic that is viral, targeted, and ready to buy?

To learn how to use Pinterest more effectively to market your books, products, and services, check out this free webinar:

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