Runner Infographic: The 11 Best Foods for Runners

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Best Food for Runners infographic

Here are the 11 best minimally processed food for runners . . .

Sweet Potatoes — Packed with beta-carotene and potassium which promote recovery. Also contains manganese which is essential for healthy muscle function.

Eggs — Contains all the amino acids the body needs to rebuild the muscle broken down during exercise.

Black Beans — Carbs fuel your run, while protein and antioxidants promote muscle recovery.

Salmon — Provides omega-3 fats which counteract inflammation and promote recovery.

Berries — The high amounts of antioxidants and vitamins in berries help stave off soreness after a hard workout.

Yogurt — Great source of protein and calcium to keep stress fractures at bay. Also may promote tummy fat loss.

Bananas — Perfect pre-run, high carb snack. High in potassium which balances electrolytes and protects from getting leg cramps.

Lean Beef — Keep iron levels up by eating lean beef, one of the best sources of complete iron.

Almond Butter — High in vitamin E which prevents muscle soreness.

Quinoa — A healthy carbohydrate that provides muscle building protein. Also contains the 8 amino acids the body requires to put that protein to good use.

Coffee — Caffeine boosts performance, endurance and recovery. Black coffee also provides powerful antioxidants.

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