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Cameron Conaway On Getting Fit

Cameron Conaway on Getting Fit

No pain, no gain is a bunch of crap.

I’ve learned that if I’m too strict, too monotonous, and not listening to my body it’s easy for me to get discouraged and/or to begin overtraining.

Keep a log of the workouts you’ve done in the past to learn what worked and what didn’t.

Get involved in some type of group class like yoga.

Try different ways to work out so you don’t get bored or stagnant.

Eat whole foods.

Spices are an excellent way to add extra flavor to our meals without using non-food substances.

Take vitamin D, fish oil, and supplemental protein powder.

Charity Showcase

The Diabetes Research and Action Education Foundation provides grants for over 240 research studies in the U.S. aimed at curing diabetes or developing nutritional approaches for preventing the disease. For more information, go to


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