Twitter Statistics: 2012

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2012 Twitter Statistics

Here are a few statistics from 2012 to show you how important it still is to have a presence on Twitter.

Twitter has 465 million accounts.

175 million tweets are sent every day.

1 million new accounts are added to Twitter every day.

There are 107.7 million U.S. users, 33.3 million Brazilian users, 29.9 million Japanese users, 23.8 million British users, 19.5 million Indonesian users, 13 million Indian users.

The most popular Twitter users are Lady Gaga with 19.3 million, Justin Bieber with 17.5 million, Katy Perry with 15.1 million, Shakira with 14.1 million, and Rihanna with 13,6 million.

What makes people retweet another user’s tweet?

92% – Interesting content

84% – Personal connection

66% – It’s funny.

32% – An incentive was offered.

26% – The other user requested a retweet.

21% – The other user was a celebrity.

What makes people follow another Twitter account?

69% – Referrals from friends.

47% – Via online search.

44% – Suggested by Twitter.

31% – Via special promotions.

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