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Infographic: How to Get More Retweets

The Art of Getting Retweets

The optimum tweet length for maximum retweets is 71 to 100 characters.

Tweet links for more retweets.

20.8% of retweets have at least one hashtag. The top 10 popular hashtags are #nowplaying, #ff, #jobs, #fb, #tinychat, #youconfessarque, #fail, #tcot, #1, and #followfriday.

Ask for the retweet to get more retweets. Please Retweet generates a 51% retweet rate. PleaseRT has a 39% retweet rate. Without one of those phrases, the normal tweet averages a 12% retweet rate.

Tweet between noon and 2:00 p.m. for maximum retweets.

Tweets on Friday get the most retweets.

Only 1.5% of retweets contain a self-reference so stop talking about you.

80% of users retweet news. 55 to 60% retweet instruction and entertainment.

Tweets about Twitter are retweet twice as often as tweets about Facebook.

Click here for a larger version of this infographic.

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