Infographic: The History of Facebook

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Here is a short history of Facebook’s development as recorded by MyLife:

October 23, 2003: Facebook origins begin when Mark Zuckerberg launched

September 13, 2003: Aaron Greenspan first conceived of The Facebook as a feature of houseSystem at Harvard.

December 2003: Zuckerberg begins working on for the Winklevoss twins.

January 11, 2004: Zuckerberg registered domain.

February 4, 2004: launches at Harvard out of Zuckerberg’s dorm room. 1,200 students signed up within 24 hours.

March 2004: Facebook expands to Stanford, Columbia, and Yale.

June 2004: Facebook is available on 30 campuses with 150,000 registered users.

June 2004: Peter Theil becomes Facebook’s first investor for $500,000 and 10.2% of the company.

June 2004: Sean Park becomes president of Facebook.

December 30, 2004: Facebook hits 1 million members.

May 2005: Accel Partners invests $12.7 million.

August 2005: Facebook officially becomes

December 11, 2005: Australian and New Zealand universities were added to Facebook.

September 26, 2006: Facebook opens to anyone over the age of 12 with a valid email address.

October 24, 2007: Microsoft invests $240 million for a 1.6% share in Facebook.

June 2008: Facebook settles lawsuits to clear all rights.

October 2008: Facebook sets up international headquarters in Dublin, Ireland.

May 2009: Facebook surpasses MySpace in U.S. based traffic.

August 2009: Facebook acquires FriendFeed.

September 2009: Facebook becomes cash flow positive.

April 2, 2010: Facebook acquires Divvy-shot, a photo-sharing website.

April 19, 2010: Facebook introduces Community Pages.

April 21, 2010: Facebook introduces Personalization.

October 1, 2010: The Social Network movie is released.

February 2011: Facebook adds a civil union option (for gay partnerships).

June 2011: Facebook partners with Skype to offer video chat.

December 22, 2011: Facebook launches Facebook Timeline.

February 1, 2012: Facebook files for an IPO (initial public offering).

April 2012: Facebook acquires Instagram for $1 billion.

May 2012: Facebook goes public, valuing it at $104 billion.

October 2012: Facebook reaches 1 billion users.

January 2013: Facebook rolls out Facebook Graph Search.

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