Infographic: The Spirit of Stats & Facts

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Spirit Magazine facts and stats

Here are a few stats and facts I learned while reading the November issue of Spirit magazine.

28% of telecommuters have cooked dinner while working at home.

32% of men are frustrated by crafting a text message.

43% of telecommuters have watched TV while working at home.

Tomatoes, with 31,760 genes, have 6,760 more genes than humans.

35% of telecommuters have completed household chores while working at home.

In 2011, 24.4% of Black Friday shoppers lined up the night before (or shopped the late night sales of Thanksgiving).

25% of telecommuters didn’t bother to get out of their pajamas while working at home.

Black Friday shoppers in 2011 spent almost $400 each.

7% of telecommuters have taken care of business while stark naked.

Sources: Spirit Magazine, Wakefield Research, Citrix, TSB Magazine, Cornel University, National Retail Federation, BIGinsight

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