Infographic: 21 Predictions for eBook Publishing in 2013

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21 Predictions for eBook Publishing in 2013

Infographic: These predictions for ebook publishing in 2013 are excerpted from a recent blog post by Mark Coker of Smashwords.

1. Ebooks as a percentage of overall trade book sales in the US should hit 45%.

2. 2013 will be the first year unit volume of ebooks exceeds print.

3. The current glut of books will become even more pronounced.

4. It’ll get tougher to sell books. All authors will need to up their game.

5. Publishers, in search of Black Swans, will lose authors to self-publishing platforms.

6. Overall ebook prices will decline, though author brands will retain pricing power.

7. Passive discoverability trumps other book marketing methods.

8. Tablets will become the new paper as ereaders becomes niche products.

9. Global will be the biggest story of 2013 for indie authors.

10. Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble and Kobo will redouble global expansion efforts.

11. Apple iBookstore will be the breakout story of 2013 ebook retailing.

12. Amazon’s global ebook market share will decline.

13. Barnes & Noble and its Nook will rise again like a Phoenix.

14. In the self-publishing gold rush, more money will be made in author services than in book sales.

15. Pearson/Penguin/Random House/Simon & Schuster will either cut bait on Author Solutions or ride this anchor to the bottom of the sea.

16. The Big 6 will become the Big 4 as bean counters take over the farm.

17. The stigma of Big 6 (or Big 4 or Big 3) publishers will increase as the prior stigma of self-publishing evaporates.

18. EPUB 3 will disappoint.

19. Ebook subscription offerings will face uphill slog.

20. Indie authors are poised to capture a growing percentage of the library ebook market.

21. Indie ebooks will start driving more film and television projects.


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