Richard Branson: On Using Social Media

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Richard Branson on Using Social Media

Richard Branson, CEO of Virgin, is a social media superstar with 371,000 Facebook likes, 3 million Twitter followers, 1.6 million LinkedIn followers, and half a million visitors to his blog every month.

1. Branson actually has profiles on many social media networks.

70% of large company CEOs have no social presence. 7.6% of CEOs are on Facebook. Only 1.8% are on Twitter.

2. Branson manages his own social profiles.

He writes his own tweets and blog posts.

3. Branson asks questions.

And listens to his customers via social media.

4. Branson answers questions.

He answers several questions every day.

5. Branson trains his employees to be socially savvy.

All Virgin employees are encouraged to be active on social networks.

6. Branson likes new opportunities.

He’s known to be an adventurer in life as well as social media.

7. Branson believes in being authentic and organic.

As he notes, “Like everything, if you’re having fun rather than just doing a job, you’re more likely to find success.”

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