21 Rules for Getting Results with Your Social Media Marketing

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Social Media Marketing Tips

Here are 21 key tips for getting the results you want with your social media marketing activities.

1. There are no shortcuts.

2. Contribute.

3. Position yourself as an expert.

4. Engage in meaningful conversation.

5. Activity and productivity are not the same.

6. Quality always wins over quantity.

7. Don’t spam.

8. Be real.

9. Conversation is always two ways.

10. Take time to build relationships.

11. Access does not equal entitlement.

12. Be adaptable.

13. Measure your efforts and adjust.

14. Enrich people’s lives.

15. Use images and multimedia.

16. Follow up on connections.

17. Mind your manners.

18. Be patient.

19. Don’t spread yourself thin.

20. Blog regularly.

21. Have fun!

For a detailed explanation, go here: http://socialmetricspro.com/social-media/21-rules-for-effective-social-media-marketing-strategies/2173

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