Happiness Infographic: 10 Signs That You Are Truly Happy

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10 Signs You Are Truly Happy

Want to know if you are really happy? Check out these 10 signs that happy people share.

1. Daily Exercise — Happy people engage in health-promoting behaviors like exercise.

2. Happy Friends — Happy friends make for happy people. Good friends are golden.

3. Smart Thrills — Happy people enjoy the things that are safe and good for them.

4. Enough Sleep — Happy people get enough sleep.

5. Self-Trust — Happy people trust themselves. They don’t live in doubt about their own judgment.

6. Live in the Now — Happy people live now. They enjoy what they are doing now. They don’t look to the past or to the future.

7. Gratitude — Happy people are thankful for what they have.

8. Bounce Back — Happy people bounce back from disappointments and euphoria.

9. Get Unplugged — Happy people turn off the television, the computer, the smartphone, the iPad, the Xbox.

10. Smile — Happy people smile more. They smile from the inside out.

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