Infographic: How to Dominate Pinterest and LinkedIn

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LinkedIn and Pinterest Domination

Here are five key strategies to help you and your company dominate LinkedIn and Pinterest:


Pinterest has 250 million unique visitors per month as well as 37 million unique users.

Register your Pinterest profile with and

Aim to become on of the top pin boards on one or two topics.

Use tools like PinReach and PinPuff to help identify Pinfluencers.

Always include links back to your site for the image location in the pin description.

Use Repinly, Pintics, Curalate, PinReach, and PinPuff to measure impressions and engagement.


LinkedIn has 86 million unique visitors per month as well as 97 million unique users.

Start a LinkedIn group.

Be unique. Use a video or profile modules to showcase your company.

Use LinkedIn’s Skills and Expertise section to do searches to target influencers.

Direct users to your Product and Services tab on your company page.

LinkedIn has built-in analytics available 24 hours after posting to measure impressions and engagement.

Download a free white paper for more tips:

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