How to Evaluate Your Facebook Page: A Simple Checklist

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Facebook Page Checklist

This infographic created by ShortStack turns a detailed checklist into a colorful graphic with a simple list of the essential elements every Facebook Page needs.

1. Is your URL the first think listed in the About section?

2. Do you list your social media channels in the About section?

3. Is your cover photo well designed and does it meet Facebook guidelines?

4. Does the cover photo have a description with a call to action?

5. Does your profile photo reflect your brand?

6. Are your three most important apps featured at the top of your timeline?

7. Is your User Engagement Percentage at least 2%? User Engagement equals Talking About This number divided by Total Page Likes.

8. Is your content strategy useful and engaging?

9. Are you offering exclusive content?

10. Does your page branding identify with your fans?

11. Do you respond to fan questions and like their comments?

12. Are you taking advantage of your industry opportunities?

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