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Kimberley Payne: 5 Fitness Rules for Women of Strength

5 Fitness Rules for Women of Strength

Five Fitness Rules for Women of Strength

Check with your doctor. You should get medical clearance from your physician before making any significant changes in your physical activity level.

Take it slow and steady. Remember that fitness is not a quick fix. It is a lifestyle change. You may experience setbacks and plateaus.

Schedule exercise in. Take an honest look at how you spend your days. Schedule exercise in your daily planner just as you would with a business meeting or a doctor’s appointment.

Create space. Create an area to call your own and make exercise so accessible that you have no excuse. Buy some low-priced equipment: an exercise bike, a resistance band, a set of dumbbells, a stretching mat, a jump rope, and an exercise video.

Track your progress. Keep a chart of your progress so small improvements become noticeable. Track your sets, repetitions, and weight on a program card.

Courtesy of Women of Strength: A Devotional to Improve Spiritual and Physical Health by Kimberley Payne.

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