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7 Steps to Becoming a Click Millionaire

Click Millionaire

Below are seven key elements to a successful Internet marketing and sales strategy for any individual or business. Learn how to become a Click Millionaire!

1. Help People – The best place to start a business is where people need help. You are far more likely to find recurring, profitable customers if you serve a need by helping people solve problems or enjoy their lives more.

2. Expert Credibility – People prefer to buy things from those that they perceive as experts. You can use your own real-life experiences and expertise to position yourself as an expert online, even if you don’t have official expert credibility.

3. Automation – Web-based tools for e-commerce, marketing, content, and operations can be used to run your business even when you are not on duty. A Click Millionaire business system automates as much as possible to create revenues and a worldwide sales force that never sleeps!

4. Outsourcing – Hire virtual assistants to do anything you don’t know how to do (or don’t want to do). You’ll be better off investing $10, $20, or even $50/hour to pay others to handle the small stuff while you conserve your valuable time to work on bigger projects and enjoy your life more.

5. Audience Content Creation – Help your audience create content for you. Blog comments, photos, forum discussions, and directory submissions all help attract more visitors. With more visitors you’ll make more money from advertising and sell more of your own products, too.

6. Scalability – Scalability means that your business can keep growing, even with less investment of your money and time. Design your business to use software and outsourced help so that adding customers and making more sales can happen automatically online without requiring more work from you.

7. Recurring Revenues – Stop chasing customers and advertisers for money. Instead switch your accounts receivable billing from one-time invoices and constant renewal negotiations to automated credit card subscription billing. This makes collections easier and more profitable while freeing you to focus on the fun stuff.

From: Click Millionaires: Work Less, Live More with an Internet Lifestyle Business You Love by Scott Fox

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  2. Scott Fox says:

    Looks great, John. Thanks for making this graphic to help spread the word about the Internet business success principles of Click Millionaires!

    Anyone interested in more details, or personalized help, is welcome to join us for free in the lifestyle entrepreneur’s forum at

  3. […] 7 Steps to Becoming a Click Millionaire […]

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