11 Reasons Why Brands, Businesses, and You Should Be Active on Twitter

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11 Twitter Reasons

This infographic showcases 11 reasons why brands, businesses, and you need to be active on Twitter. Note: Twitter doesn’t have to take much time to have a big impact.

140 million active users tweet an average of 340 million tweets per day.

40% of Twitter users regularly search for products via Twitter.

86% of people who’ve posted a business complaint on Twitter expected a response.

71% of complaints on Twitter are not responded to by the business.

74% of people on Facebook use it daily, compared to 35% of those on Twitter.

29% of people on Twitter follow a brand.

39% of people on Twitter have tweeted about a brand.

29% of people have retweeted a brand tweet.

62% of Fortune 500 companies have an active corporate Twitter account.

Companies on Twitter get two-times the amount of leads per month.

Shorter hashtags on Twitter are more popular than longer ones.

Charity Showcase

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