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Infographic: The Power of Napping

The Art of Napping by Franklin Sooho LeeThe Art of Napping by William AnthonyTake a Nap. Change Your Life by Sara MednickHow Do Giraffes Take Naps? by Diane Muldrow

Power Napping for better health

The 5 kinds of naps:

  • The Nano Nap – 10 to 20 seconds
  • The Micro Nap – 2 to 5 minutes
  • The Mini Nap – 5 to 20 minutes
  • The Power Nap – 20 minutes
  • The Lazy Man’s Nap – 50 to 90 minutes

And the benefits of napping:

  • Decreases daytime sleepiness by 10%
  • Elevates mood by 11%
  • Improves quality of interactions by 10%
  • Increases stamina by 11%
  • Elevates alertness by 11%
  • Enhances mental abilities by 9%
  • Increases physical health by 6%
  • Decreases the time it takes to fall asleep at night by 14%
  • Increases ability to stay asleep through the night by 12%
  • Increases refreshed feeling upon waking by 5%
  • Increases nighttime sleep by 20 minutes
Take a Nap! Change Your Life.
Imagine a product that increases alertness, boosts creativity, reduces stress, improves perception, stamina, motor skills, and accuracy, enhances your sex life, helps you make better decisions, keeps you looking younger, aids in weight loss, reduces the risk of heart attack, elevates your mood, and strengthens memory. Now imagine that this product is nontoxic, has no dangerous side effects, and, best of all, is absolutely free.

This miracle drug is, in fact, nothing more than the nap: the right nap at the right time. The work of Sara C. Mednick, Ph.D., a researcher at the Salk Institute and the leading authority on the study of the nap, Take a Nap! Change Your Life. is the scientifically-based breakthrough program that shows how we can fight the fatigue epidemic—which afflicts an estimated 50 million Americans—through a custom-designed nap. Take a Nap! Change Your Life. explains the five stages of the sleep cycle, particularly Stage Two, Slow Wave Sleep, and REM, and the benefits each one provides; how to assess your tiredness and set up a personal sleep profile; and how to neutralize the voice in your head that tells you napping is a sign of laziness. (Not that anyone would have called JFK, Churchill, Einstein, or Napoleon a slug-a-bed.) Using the unique Nap Wheel on the cover and interior graphs and charts, it shows us exactly when our optimum napping time is, and exactly how long we should try to sleep—even how it’s possible to design a nap to inspire creativity one day, and the next day design one to help us with our memory. There are tips on how to create the right nap environment, a 16-step technique for falling asleep, a six-week napping workbook, and more.
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Benefits of Power Napping
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Napping: The Ultimate Exercise
This is a hyperactive country. We must have successful careers, raise superior children, have scintillating hobbies, challenging friends, and be conversant in several languages. If we don't compose haiku while jogging during our lunch hours, we are left in the dust at rap sessions. If we don't bake sourdough bread from scratch while plotting out best-selling novellas, forget any kind of leadership role at church.
While You Were Napping
In this hilarious read-aloud featuring robots, fire trucks, and pirates, meet an older sister who’s more than happy to fill her little brother in on all he missed while he was napping. Since none of the other neighborhood kids had to nap, they came over. Then came the robots, and of course the astronauts. It was tons of fun . . . and luckily for the boy (right?!), he slept through it all!

Here’s a picture book that is sure to ring true in every family with more than one child. With minimal text and raucous illustrations, this laugh-out-loud, spot-on picture book is also a perfect portrait of a mischievous kid at her imaginative best.
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