TrackMaven: How to Get More Retweets

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How to Get More Retweets

TrackMaven just released a report that analyzed 1,423 Twitter accounts featuring more than a million tweets. The report reveals many of the elements that make up a successful tweet, one that is retweeted more often.

Here are the major results they discovered during their survey:

More tweets are sent out on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday than other days of the week. Tweets during the weekend are half those during the week.

Tweets on Sunday get an average of 0.168 retweets, more retweets than any other day of the week.

More tweets are sent out during the middle of the day than any other time of the day, peaking at noon Eastern time.

Retweets peak in the late evening hours with the highest percentage of retweets occurring between 10 and 11 p.m. Eastern time (0.194 retweets on average per 1,000 followers).

More hashtags result in more retweets. 5 hashtags and 11+ hashtags get the most retweets.

If you use @ mentions in your tweets, you’ll get the maximum number of retweets with 4 or 6 mentions (with a dramatic dropoff with more mentions).

You’ll get more retweets if you place a link near the end of your tweet.

Tweets with images get 3 times as many retweets as tweets without an image.

If you want retweets, ask for the retweet (not an RT).

The more exclamation marks, the more retweets, with 9 exclamation marks getting the most retweets.

ALL CAPs tweets get 4 times as many retweets as no caps tweets. Many social media experts recommend that you don’t shout (use ALL CAPS), but this result obviously suggests that ALL CAPS actually produce better results (at least in regards to the number of retweets).

And for another look at this survey, see

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