How to Create an Effective LinkedIn Company Page

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LinkedIn Company Pages

Here are some key tips on how to create a more effective LinkedIn company page. These tips are adapted from an infographic originally created by The Starr Conspiracy.

1. Use all of the visual space on your LinkedIn profile. Align your profile with your brand.

2. Keep your page fresh with new content. Update your company page status every day with new content from your blog or from third-party news coverage.

3. Use all three slider images. Highlight your company’s services, other social profiles, or news coverage with your three sliders.

4. Complete your company page. Use all of the space LinkedIn gives you to tell your brand’s story. Add your company’s products and services to complete your profile.

5. Ask your customers for recommendations. Turn your customers into brand ambassadors by asking for their recommendation.

Top 10 Tips for LinkedIn Company Pages

1. Use LinkedIn’s rotating banners on your company’s services page.

2. Complete your company’s products and services page with individual listings for your services.

3. Get creative with your products and services.

4. Showcase thought leadership content, demos, and downloads in your services section.

5. Highlight a company video.

6. Spotlight relevant groups on your company page to extend your brand’s reach.

7. Note: The first product or service listed on your services page is featured on your
company home page.

8. Update your company page daily with new content from your company blog, online newsroom, or third-party news coverage.

9. Deliver relevant content to appropriate audiences with LinkedIn’s status update targeting — by company size, industry, job function, or geography.

10. Spread the word. Ask your email list and your social network to tell people what you’re doing with your LinkedIn company page.

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