Infographic: The Growing Impact of Social Media and TV

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Social Media Impact

Here are a few insights from this infographic on the growing impact of social media on watching TV, social networking, and using the Internet:

How much time are visitors spending on social networking sites per month? Here’s the answer:

Facebook – 6.75 hours

Pinterest – 1.5 hours

Tumblr – 1.5 hours

Twitter – 21 minutes

LinkedIn – 17 minutes

Google+ – 3 minutes

Here’s how Americans spend their time online and offline:

6.9 hours per month on social networking

4.8 hours per month on email, mail, and phone

21 hours per month socializing in person

15.3 hours per month taking care of household members

59.4 hours per month watching TV offline

23.1 hours per month watching TV online

TV and Internet Surfing

65% of U.S. tablet owners surf the web while watching TV.

60% of women visit a social network while watching TV.

29% use Facebook while watching TV.

61% use the Internet while watching TV.

Time Spent on Social Media

Social media accounts for 18% of time spend online.

56% of Americans have a social network profile.

22% of Americans use social media several times a day.


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