SEO Infographic: How SEO Has Changed

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Here are the new SEO techniques for on-site optimization: The New Way vs. The Old Way:

Keyword Targeting

Target a wider range of keywords vs. target specific keywords.

User Experience

User experience is #1 priority vs. design is separate from SEO.

Design your website to respond to mobile phones and tablets.

Be sure your page load times are fast. Load times are important not only to users but also for Google rankings.

On-Site Content

Write compelling content for your audience vs. write content for search engines.

Keyword density is not overly important vs. keyword density is crucial.

Content is diverse vs. a focus on text content.

Sell your content with your title tags vs. stuff title tags with keywords. and a more semantic web vs. microformat content markup.

Writers & Content Authorship

Rel: Authorship tag vs. ghost writers.

Off-Site Content

Generate highly creative sharable content vs. Outsource copywriting and spin content.

Anchor Text

Link diversity and brand links vs. aggressive exact-match anchor text.

Domain Selection

Build a long lasting brand vs. aggressive exact-match domain names.

Blog Links

High quality guest blogging vs. blog network links worked.

Directory Submissions

Manual quality checked submissions vs. automated directory submissions.

Press Releases

Strategic PR back to real PR vs. online PR for backlinks.

Blog Comments

Talk and connect with real people vs. automated blog commenting.

Social Media

Social traction correlates with links vs. links being more important than social media.

Charity Showcase

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