Infographic: New Year’s Eve Celebrations in the U.S.

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New Years Eve Celebrations in the U.S.

Are you planning a special New Year’s celebration this year? If so, check out this infographic that features just a few of the objects that are dropped during New Year’s eve celebrations around the United States . . .

A 12-foot LED ball in Times Square, New York City, New York

A large orange in Orange County, California

A 3-foot glowing pickle at Cucumber & Vine Streets in Mount Olive, North Carolina

A deuce of clubs in Show Low, Arizona

An 800-pound giant peach at Underground Atlanta in Atlanta, Georgia

A 10-foot Gibson guitar in Niagara Falls, New York

A 3-foot giant wooden flea in Eastover, North Carolina

A large pine cone in Flagstaff, Arizona

A 100-pound fiberglass Peep in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

A dead 20-lb carp in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin

An 8-foot sardine and a plywood maple leaf in Eastport, Maine

11 locally-grown watermelons in Vincennes, Indiana

A ten-foot guitar at Hard Rock Cafe in Memphis, Tennessee

A drag queen in a giant ruby-red high heel in Key West, Florida

A 15-foot tall music note in Nashville, Tennessee

A 600-pound Moon Pie in Mobile, Alabama

A very large lighted golf ball in Hilton Head, South Carolina

An 800-pound beach ball in Panama City, Florida

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Curator: John Kremer

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