Bookographic: The Art of Being Unmistakable

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The Art of Being Unmistakable by Srinivas Rao

Our creations show the truth of who we are. They also shape how — or if — the world remembers us when we’re gone.

Somewhere between what your soul knows and what the world wants you to know, is your choice about what kind of story you will live and how you will live it.

Nothing matters. That’s the key to unlocking the handcuffs that keep us imprisoned in worry, self-doubt, fear and disbelief.

Imagine the beauty that would fill our world when people stop wasting their unique gifts on the pursuit of becoming somebody else.

What would happen if we pursued being unmistakable instead of wildly successful by external measures?

Straight and narrow paths rarely lead to interesting destinations.

If you try to mimic, copy, or emulate anybody else, at best you will be a pale imitation.

What would you choose to learn if there were no external rewards? What would you choose to learn if the only reward was a sense of self-fulfillment? That is where the ego disappears, art is created, and callings are found.

There is a fire burning in every one of us to make a dent in the universe.

When you abandon the system, you create something that doesn’t exist. You write history from scratch.

You claim your birthright to change the world in some meaningful way, to make a dent in the universe.

Be honest. Be imperfect. Embrace your inner misfit.

You must let your soul print mark your art. Explore the depths of your soul, the light parts, the dark parts, and the questionable ones. Cross lines, personal and professional. That is the only way you’ll know where they are.

Be your own gatekeeper, tastemaker, and connoisseur of what matters.

You are the final authority on it all. Your sign-off is the one that matters above all.

You get to say whether you live a life filled with meaning and purpose.

Source: The Art of Being Unmistakable by Srinivas Rao

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