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John Kremer: The 7 Rules of Life

The 7 Rules of Life via John Kremer

Here are the seven rules of life (according to John Kremer):

1. If you wish to control your ends, begin at the beginning.

2. You have no right to suffer. It is not necessary. Just take action. Give to the world. Give love. Give honesty. Give kindness. Give of yourself. And showering back to you will be love, honesty, kindness, and all sorts of riches.

3. Shake things up sometimes. Do things differently. Break all the rules. Create some new rules. Have fun.

4. If your aim is small, the results will be small. If your aim is large, the results will be large. Very simple math. But absolutely accurate.

5. Never lie. Never cover up. Tell the truth at all times.

6. Always do the impossible. It’s the only thing worth doing. The possible has already been done.

7. The best use anyone can make of any day is to enjoy it—and then spread that joy to others.

Photo of an Olympic Mountains sunset by Rita Kaiser (my older sister).

The Seven Rules of Life by John Kremer

Charity Showcase

St. Labre Indian School supports the needy Native American children (Crow and Northern Cheyenne) who live and attend school at St. Labre. This is one of my favorite charities. I love the spirit of these kids. Donate via or by calling 866-753-5496.


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