D. L. Hart’s Gratitude Rules Bookographic

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Gratitude Rules

D. L. Hart’s Gratitude Rules

Gratitude is powerful. It can transform your life. It only requires a single step.

You must focus your attention on all the things that are good and right in your life.

Make the conscious choice to focus on the good instead of on the bad or shortcomings.

Focus on gratitude and you won’t think about anything that is hurtful, negative, or painful.

Live a grateful life. Your giving then becomes receiving. By raising another, you raise yourself.

Find your gratitude in everyday things.

Do something nice for someone who can’t pay you back.

Stop worrying, and stop keeping score.

Be grateful for things that did not go wrong.

Be grateful for mistakes where you learn a lesson.

Claim your power and happiness by choosing gratitude.

Contributed by D. L. Hart, author of What Is the Secret of Gratitude?

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