Jennifer Miller: 6 Innovative Tips for Marketing Your Novel

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Marketing Your Novel

1. Practice Lean-Forward Advertising.

Or, as she noted, give people what they want. You’re not pushy if you target people who are already looking for your kind of book.

2. Target Interest-Based Communities.

Find where your audience hangs out. Her audience hung out at GoodReads.

3. Segment Your Audience.

Look for all the micro audiences that might like your book – like teachers, teen readers, Jewish readers, secret societies, etc.

4. Create Desire.

Find the fun in your promotions. As she put it, turn novels into Novelades.

5. Create a Platform.

Her platform was her Novelade stands.

6. Use Your Platform to Tell a Story.

She is taking her Novelades on the road as a way of creating excitement about her Novelade brand. So, besides selling on the streets of Brooklyn, she’s now extending the brand to Nashville and beyond.

More details on Jennifer Miller’s marketing plans here:


Charity Showcase

The National Audubon Society works to save imperiled birds, fights climate change, and conserves wildlife habitat. For more information, go to or call 800-274-4201.

5 ways to protect birds where you live:

1. Reduce or eliminate pesticide and herbicide use. With fewer chemicals, you’ll keep your pets, family, and surrounding birds healthier.

2. Plant native plants. Native flora provides birds with food in the form of seeds and fruits and are also home to taste bugs that birds love.

3. Identify the non-native invasive plants in your region and work to removed them from your yard.

4. Attract hummingbirds with sugar water (four parts water to one part white sugar boiled for a minute or two).

5. Make your windows visible to birds to prevent crashes. Put up screens, close drapes and blinds, stick up decals.

You can find more ideas for protecting birds by going to

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