Places to Look for Inspiration . . .

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Places to Looks for Inspiration

Places to look for inspiration…

In the music you hear and the songs you sing

Through the lens of a camera

In a great neighborhood bookstore

In a garden where you can dig for it

Through the eyes of a friend

In the laughter of little kids

On the shelves of your local library

In the conversations around you

Via movies, TV shows, and YouTube videos

In the sound of a burbling spring

On the beach, on the street, or on the subway

In the faces of lovers and strangers

In People, Vanity Fair, Wired, Woman’s Day

On Facebook, on Twitter, on Google+

In your notebooks, junk drawers, or diaries

On a random street or highway

In the wag of a dog’s tail

Via a podcast, a webinar, or a Google Hangout

In one of your old blog posts

Through the hearts and minds of your friends

In a book, a poem, an essay, a manifesto

On the dark side of the moon

In the stillness of the night

Via the deepest inkling of your soul

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Curator: John Kremer

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