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What Do You Want From Life?

Being Human Infographic

What do you want from life?

When asked what do you want from life, seldom is the answer: nothing more, I already have enough.

Don’t buy goods that don’t offer food, shelter, or clothing. Now you are moving towards real freedom and happiness and you will be helping to save our planet.

All we need to be alive are the basics for life and lots of friends . . . meaningful relationships with as many others as possible.

Relationships build reliance on each other so that we have no need to rely on corporations or their products and services to provide our sense of purpose.

It is the ease with which we sleep at night knowing the plight of our fellow humans that is worrying.

The core values of our humanity that we display each day by allowing suffering and exploitation to continue are clearly out of step with our claims to civility as a modern society.

One day we will realize that if we all gave much of what we have to others, in the spirit of cooperation, we would all have more than we could ever need or want.

Excerpts from Steve Carlsson’s Being Human Blog:

Charity Showcase

CARE Partners for Change is a monthly giving program to feed children and provide safe water for families around the world. Their motto: Defending dignity. Fighting poverty. To donate monthly, go to

Curator: John Kremer

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