Mike Dulberger: The True State of the Union

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True State of the Union

The average compensation for U.S. federal government civilian workers is double the private sector.

2.8 million people work for the executive branch.

One half of all U.S. federal personal income tax collected in 2010 was paid by the top 2.6% of earners.

U.S. gross domestic product per capita ranks 14th in the world — 9 times greater than China.

The U.S. spends more on health care than any other country

Life expectancy in the U.S. ranks 39th in the world — 4.8 years less than Japan.

U.S. infant mortality rate ranks 46th lowest among the world’s nations — 4 times greater than Iceland.

The U.S. distributes $45 billion in foreign economic and military aid to 90% of the world’s countries.

U.S. military expenditures represent 41% of the world’s total— 4 times greater than China and Russia combined.

Foreign creditors hold 31% of the U.S. government debt, of which China and Japan each hold $1.1 trillion.

Over the past two decades the annual cost of attending private college in the U.S. has tripled while the number of student has doubled.

Residents of China file the same number of patent applications as U.S. residents and three times as many trademark applications.

Excerpted from America’s Ranking Among Nations: A Global Perspective of the United States in Graphic Detail by Mike Dulberger

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