Life Is a Gift: The Zen of Tony Bennett

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Tony Bennett: Life Is a Gift

When you choose your friends, realize that you are also choosing your teachers.

Do something to improve yourself, every single day.

We can always seek beauty and inspiration in the world around us.

Good friends bring out the best qualities in one another.

You just never give up on yourself, and you believe in yourself. And you work hard to get better as you go along.

Obstacles are necessary for success. Be persistent and you will reach your goals.

If you are creative, you get busier as you get older.

Nature is the master artist.

The human voice is more flexible than any other instrument in existence. It can express various nuances in tone, volume and inflections that are beyond compare.

Everything you do should be done with love.

Being angry is a waste of time. Instead, count your blessings every day.

Before we do something, we need to ask ourselves: Is this good for all of us on the planet?

Excerpts from . . . Life Is a Gift: The Zen of Bennett by Tony Bennett

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