Worth Sharing: Good Words to Live By

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Good Words to Live By

No matter what happens in your life, remember these good words to live by (originally posted to Are You Safe? Book (http://www.areyousafebook.com/good-words-live):

Be Smart.

Know Your Purpose.

Be Kind.


Do Your Best.

Prepare for Opportunity.


Be Honest.


Have Fun.

Make the Time.

Walk and Run.

Kiss and Hug.

Treasure Family.

Have Faith.

Be Fit.

Live It Up.

Eat Good Food.


Be Proud.

Dream Big.

Move Forward with Your Life.

Know Love.


Believe in Magic.

Live for Today.

Be Careful with Yourself.

Know that Love Liberates.

Be Good.

It’s Never Too Late to Have a Happy Childhood.

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