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Susan’s Top 5 Ways to Stay Motivated

Susan's 5 Ways to Stay Motivated

Here are Susan’s top 5 ways to stay motivated when working out, dieting, or making other major changes.

1. Talk about it. Tell people what you are going to do or what you plan to accomplish. Talking about it will keep you accountable and excited.

2. Remind yourself that Rome was not built in a day, but part of it was. Small steps lead to the big picture.

3. Write it down. Then post it. Stick a picture on your mirror. Make the advertisement for the big race your new screen saver. Then post your goal to your mirror, refrigerator door, desk, etc. Seeing is believing.

4. Compete with yourself. Stop comparing yourself to others. Focus on you.

5. Join a group. Work out with friends or family. Read up on proper fitness and nutrition. A support system will help you see results faster and also maintain your results over the long term.

I saw this graphic originally on my Pinterest timeline, but I was not able to track down the original source. If anyone who sees this knows who Susan is, I’d be happy to credit her for this wonderful infographic.

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