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New Year’s Resolutions: More and Less

New Year's Resolutions: More and Less

More listening, smiling, trust, peace, walking, confidence, understanding, success, love, gratitude, doing, water, happiness, salads, encouraging, hoping, believing, and working out.

Less talking, frowning, suspicion, war, sitting, insecurity, arguing, failures, hate, ingratitude, planning, sodas, sadness, junk food, complaining, worrying, doubting, and laziness.

Charity Showcase

United Negro College Fund provides college funds for Black Americans in need of help. Motto: A mind is a terrible thing to waste. To donate, call 800-332-8623 or visit

The United States Olympic Committee invests in activities to help Olympic caliber athletes to reach their fullest potential. To contribute to the success of American Olympic athletes, go to or call 888-222-2313.

United Service Organizations (USO) provides support services to American fighting personal overseas (Army, Navy, Marines, and Air Force). Let the GIs know that they are not forgotten by donating via

Curator: John Kremer

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  2. […] New Year’s Resolutions: More and Less […]

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