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Infographic: 5 Best Memory Boosting Foods

Memory Boosting Foods

This infographic showcases five foods that help boost memory.

Blueberries – Helps reverse age-related problems in the area of brain function. Also improves learning, motor skills, and vision.

Green Tea – The EGCG in green tea protects the brain by lowering the amount of protein that builds up as plague linked to memory loss and nerve damage.

Dark Chocolate – Reduces inflammation and may help prevent oxidation in the brain (the precurser to many neurological diseases).

Apples – Fights dementia. Its vitamin C helps reduce Alzheimer’s.

Avocados – Its monounsaturated fat increases blood flow to the brain, which means more oxygen gets to those parts of your brain that help you to think and to remember details.


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  1. Mike Daciuk says:

    The Healthy Fats and Omega 3’s are great for the brain. Coconut oil, fish, etc. are excellent. Nice article.

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