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Work 2.0: Nowhere to Hide

Work 2.0 by Sergiusz Prokurat

In Work 2.0 we express our individuality as we like, and not according to a set of defined rules.

Information is a stronger weapon than many conventional arms, knowledge is becoming the main source of competitive advantage.

One person could bring about a revolution.

The best capital you could possibly have turns out to be the ability of creative thinking.

The changes in the world of work don’t just influence job seekers – they will, in fact, become the bread and butter of everyone who creates value in the economy.

Changes are so profound that we can say we’re entering a new era of work.

In the long term the only sustainable source of competitive advantage is creativity – the basis for new ideas, launching new products and services, expanding knowledge into hitherto unknown dimensions.

Excerpted from Work 2.0: Nowhere to Hide by Sergiusz Prokurat

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