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Noah St. John: How to Use Afformations

The Book of Afformations by Noah St. John

Triple Your Income — Starting a new radio show, Cari Murphy invited Noah St. John to be her first guest. During the interview Noah introduced her to his discovery of Afformations. Over the next 12 months, Cari tripled her income from the previous year.

Close a Million-Dollar Client — Chris, a finance expert, had never been able to raise large amounts of money. After using Afformations and listening to Noah St. John’s iAfform Audios for less than 3 weeks, Chris closed his first million dollar client.

Get a New Job — Kaisha, a sales professional from London, was worried she might lose her home if she didn’t start making more money. She read about Afformations, started using them, and tripled her sales in less than a month. Two months later, she was offered a new job at twice her old salary!

Eliminate Anxiety — Amy was having constant panic attacks due to crushing debt and mounting financial pressure. A friend told her about Noah’s Afformations System, and Amy read it. That very night, she slept well for the first time in nearly a year. The feelings of panic, anxiety, and overwhelm left her, and she never considered suicide again.

Triple Sales — Brandon was a struggling insurance salesman who’d spent more than $40,000 on self-help programs without seeing results. Using Afformations, he tripled his sales in 30 days. By the end of the year, he increased his income by 560% and was named Agent of the Year.

Double Your Salary — Michael was very dissatisfied with his job. He wondered why he bothered to come into work at all. Then he started using Afformations. A few weeks later, Michael approached his company’s CEO with a proposal for a new position. His proposal was accepted and Michael created his dream job at twice his original salary.

Excerpted from The Book of Afformations by Noah St. John

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