Infographic: The On-Going Dramatic Shift to Visual Social Media

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social media is now visual social media

Social media is transforming into visual social media as users are drawn more and more to visual content via Pinterest, Facebook images, Twitter image posts, and Instagram. It’s time to go visual – for every business and every website.

Here is some great advice excerpted from this infographic:

Don’t tell if you can show. Whenever possible, use visuals to share your message.

Create original visual content: quotes, checklists, tutorials, infographics, videos, slideshows.

Showcase your story. Images equal emotion and connection.

Crowdsource visual content. Encourage fans to create and share images with you.

Add back the words by adding captions and descriptions to images and videos. Use hashtags. Include your website URL on original images. Overlay a call to action.

Mix it up. Tweet images. Pin images and videos to Pinterest. Post images to Facebook. Always include images in your blog posts (that you can later pin, tweet, and post).

And here are a few valuable statistics from this infographic:

Over 70% of pins are repins on Pinterest.

44% of users are more likely to engage with brands if they post pictures than any other media.

YouTube now streams 4 billion online videos every day.

Instagram (7,302,000) has surpassed Twitter (6,868,000) for daily active mobile users, an 8.5-fold increase in 6 months.

Pinterest is now the 4th largest traffic driver worldwide.

In just 8 months, online photo editor PicMonkey averages 1.6 million visits per day and 4.3 million images edited per day.

Engagement from Instagram users is as much as 10 times greater than other platforms.

Photos on Facebook generate 53% more likes than the average post.


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