9 Simple Steps to Happiness Infographic

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9 Steps to Happiness

9 Simple Steps to Happiness

1. Buy Bliss – Buying experiences rather than things maximizes your happiness.

2. Get Older – As kids leave home, women have more time to nurture themselves. So do men.

3. Forget Self-Improvement – Basking in what’s great about yourself is more effective than trying to fix what’s not.

4. Make Tough Stuff Work – Even troubles can have silver linings.

5. Spend 21 Minutes Focusing on Your Relationship – A good marriage takes effort and time. Take a little time to ask each other key questions. 7 minutes of reflection 3 times a year makes a difference.

6. Try a Tearjerker – The more sadness people experience during a movie, the greater their feelings of happiness were afterwards.

7. Love Your Commute – Stop focusing on the traffic. Instead, think about something you are thankful for. People who give thanks are more content.

8. Take Credit for Giving – Giving to charity brings more happiness than spending money on yourself.

9. Fake It Till You Feel It – The mere act of smiling can cheer you up.

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