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5 Reasons Kids Love the Positive Thinking Habit: Bookographic

I Create My World

1. Positive thinking can lead to positive results. Our thoughts and words are actually shaping our experience.

2. Being joyful is our natural state of being. Following the path of our joy is our unique compass to a fulfilling life.

3. When we take action in a positive direction, our efforts will bear fruit in magnificent ways.

4. Keeping our attention focused on the positive will bring more of what we want into our lives.

5. Smiles and a positive attitude creates a glow of well-being that uplifts everyone around us.

Adapted from I Create My World: The Power of Thought to Shape Our Lives by Connie Bowen

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One Response so far.

  1. Connie Bowen says:

    Thank you so much, John, for posting my bookographic on your website!!! I truly appreciate it. ^_^

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